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Revenge Spell

Does someone have it in for you?  Have they tricked you, hurt you, or victimized you?  Maybe they have something that is rightfully yours?  This spell allows you to exact a powerful revenge on them.  Suddenly things will start to go wrong for them, they will feel helpless to prevent their bad fortune and despair at their loss of control.  They will also have a strange sense that their ill fortune is a direct result of their wrong doing.  If you have had enough, and want to get even, this powerful spell is for you.

Wiccans understand that there is retribution for your wrongdoings - that whatever is done returns three-fold. This spell initiates the process of retribution immediately, reinforcing it with powerful energy, enabling you to ensure that the evil of your ill doer is brought to bear on him or her with potent effect. This spell will bring justice to you and enable you to continue happily with your life.

£ 18.00
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