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Change Your Loved One's Mind Spell

Do you feel that your loved one has stopped feeling the same way about you?  That they are about to leave you, and that they have made their mind up that it is over between you?  Or maybe they just disagree fundamentally with something that is important to you? I’m sure that you will agree with me when I say that it’s never too late to change their mind, and you should never give up on a good thing.  This powerful spell will change your loved one’s mind, help you to get over their stubbornness, and have them in tune with your way of thinking.

The main reason this spell is requested is to change the mind of a lover that is about to leave the person that requests it. It is a powerful spell that works very well for this, but it can also be used to change their mind about other things too - as long as it is something important to you, you can have this spell cast.

£ 18.00
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