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Stop Smoking Spell

Want to stop smoking but can’t?  Tried patches and gum with no success?  Or just about to try to stop smoking for the first time and want some help?  This spell will ensure that you stop smoking, and lose the urge and desire to smoke.  This spell will also ease you through the transition from smoker to non smoker, keeping your cravings and suffering to a minimum. This spell will also work to stop other addictions and habits – just let us know on the next page after adding this spell to your shopping cart and clicking checkout.

Bad habits and addictions can cause all sorts of problems and conflict within families and between friends. This will cause a great deal of negative energy to surround you, and impact on many aspects of your life. These habits are also bad for your health, and costly to maintain. This spell will help you to break the habit, and start to live the lifestyle that you deserve.

£ 18.00
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