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The lovers, and love spells

the-lovers-tarot-cardSince the 1700’s mystics have used tarot cards for divination and as a window to the future.  One of the most important cards for many people is the card depicting the lovers.  There is a lot of symbolism in this card – The sun shines brightly on the couple, signifying warmth and happiness.  The angel that looks over them represents earthly desires, and the five apples represent the five senses, signifying the importance of sensual love and romance in a relationship.  The snake refers to the story of adam and eve and temptation, and the flames are a symbol of the flames of passion.  This card represents attraction, love and harmony.  It signifies true love and passion, and a real connection between two people.  It can also indicate a strong sexual connection.  When this tarot card appears in a reading,  it is very likely that the light of the goddess Venus has fallen upon your life.  If you would like these things in your future, you should try one of our powerful wiccan love spells.  I look forward to helping you to experience true love.

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